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Comprehensive Surveying Services in Lewisville, TX

Old Town Surveying, LLC, offers a comprehensive range of professional land surveying services for people in the DFW area.
Whether a title survey, boundary survey, or an elevation certificate, we have the knowledge and experience to meet your needs. With over 134 years of combined experience, we’re driven to deliver superior results.

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Title Surveys in Lewisville, TX

Title Surveys for Closings

A land title survey is a thorough survey of real property. Its purpose is to locate important factors affecting the boundary, ownership and easements for title insurance purposes.

Boundary Surveys in Lewisville, TX

Boundary Surveys

A boundary survey is a different type of title survey. It defines the boundary limitations of a property, focusing on establishing the corners of the parcel.
Elevation Surveys in Lewisville, TX

Elevation Certificates

An elevation certificate is a document that compares the elevation of a property’s lowest point to the base flood elevation established by FEMA. It provides elevation information needed to set insurance premiums and to obtain a National Flood Insurance Program policy.
Tree Location Surveys in Lewisville, TX

Tree Location Surveys

A tree location survey includes the location of trees with a trunk diameter of six inches and up within the boundaries of the tract of land. The type of tree can be added to the survey after an arborist has completed the identification process.
Topographic Surveys in Lewisville, TX

Topographic Surveys

A topographic survey depicts the lay of the land. Elevations are taken at several points on the property and then plotted on the survey. Contour lines are added to demonstrate the changes in elevations on the land.
Platting & Replatting in Lewisville, TX

Platting & Replatting

Platting is the process a landowner or developer goes through to create the final map or plat of their property that shows the lot boundaries, roads, easements, and other information useful to developers, owners, utility providers, or other regulators. A plat becomes final once it has been recorded and filed with the city or county.
Construction Staking in Lewisville, TX

Construction Staking

Construction staking involves marking the positions and elevations of structures, roads, utilities, and other features according to engineering plans on the ground before construction begins. It ensures that the project is built in the correct location and to the proper dimensions as specified in the design plans.

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